We say “Thank You”

Since we started with our work, we were supported by many persons. This is the place where we would like to say “Thank youto:

- Frank Bliss, Germany, Ethnologist, he gave some fabulous pictures from Bahariyas past.

- Ineke Hodder and Margot, Cairo/Netherlands, who donated to us the printing for our flyers

- Ursi Meier, Cairo/Switzerland, she sold for us cards on the DEO Basar

- Helmut Six, Germany, and the EAF (Euro-Arabischer Freundschaftskreis e.V.), who published a report about our project in their Panorama.

- Guiseppe Cannizarro, Italy, he helped us with the translation of our italian version

- Maurizio Damiano, Italy, he helped us also with the translation of our italian version

- Nik Barte, Photografer, Italy, who send us a lot of pictures and Videos (visist our facebook site) and who designed the poster for the earth day project.

- Will Tondok, Germany, who recommends us on his website

- Marie Walsh, Canada, she was heavily involved in the organisation of the last years cleanups.

- everyone who put our link on their website or will do this in the futurel

- everyone who visited our NGO shop during their stay in Bahariya

- you, for visiting our website!

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